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Episode 28 Winning mindsets

by | Jul 6, 2021 | M & S Show, Podcast | 0 comments

Winning Mindsets - Episode 28
Winning mindsets - In today’s show, Michael and Simon look back over a recently completed challenge and talk about how their experience of that parallels their experience in the business.

In this podcast

Winning mindsets

Liz Taylor joked that it took her 20 years to become an overnight success! Success takes time, commitment, and consistency. But what is it that keeps people motivated, putting in that time and effort consistently?

In today’s show, Michael and Simon look back over a recently completed challenge and talk about how their experience parallels their experience in the business. Regular listeners to the podcast will already be familiar with this trek and the ups and downs of the experience – both physical and metaphorical. They talk about scientific research into determination and persistence, and about the lessons they have learnt, and how they have applied those lessons to their own, very different businesses—each creating success in their individual ways.

Walking and talking

Simon and Michael reflect on their recently completed walk along the South Downs Way. A tremendous achievement that took the initiative, planning and stamina. They can identify the different phases of the walk, the beginning and end, which both bring their own energy and momentum and the middle, the “grunt” phase, where you need more determination and self-discipline to keep going. They talk about how this is like starting a business.

The initial phase is full of energy and enthusiasm, where everything is new and exciting. And then when that passes, what is it that will keep the business owner, the entrepreneur going? Once you’ve entered the grunting phase of creating and building a business, what stops the successful person from giving up? This is crucial knowledge for anyone who is considering or is already setting up and running a business. And while the hurdles faced by each person may feel unique, there are enough similarities and points of overlap to learn from each other.

They have plenty of information and ideas to share here, alongside their own personal experiences. But, as Simon says, three out of four start-ups fail in the first five years. So what is it that keeps that fourth business going? And how can you give yourself the tools and strategies to be a successful fourth business? Listen in for more tips and motivation.

The Rat Race

Experiments on rats in the 1930s and 40s give us some insight into working for rewards. Rats in a maze were given rewards, and then their speed and effort were measured as they ran towards the goal. The closer they got, the faster they ran, the harder they worked. We need to be rewarded for our efforts if we are going to continue. It’s essential to remember this during the grunting phase. It’s easy to set the big goals, the big vision. But what keeps us working towards that, day in and day out?

Working harder and faster

Simon and Michael provide practical tips that you can apply to help your own business journey. They share some of the tools they personally use to keep their energy and motivation high and keep themselves motivated and running towards their rewards. They discuss the benefits of the right kind of network, of making the best of coaches, following thought-leaders, and how to harness the mundane habits of daily life to get you through the grunt phases of business and life and into the euphoric phases that carry their own momentum.

If you are an entrepreneur, you need your own motivational toolkit. You need to build a bank of resources and know-how to keep yourself and your team pulling harder and faster so you can capture those rewards.

Why not listen in today, learn some new tools, and walk away with fresh inspiration to keep moving forward, keep running towards your next goal? What’re your Winning mindsets? Let us know in the comments section.

To Recap

Winning mindsets: Today’s show focused on persistence and consistency and the tools and mindset needed to keep working towards success. So why not listen in today, learn some new tools, and walk away with fresh inspiration to keep moving forward, keep running towards your next goal?

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