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Episode 55 Revolutionising the Market: How Second-hand Phones Can Create a Sustainable Business and Protect Our Planet

by | Feb 14, 2023 | Business Conversations, Podcast | 0 comments

Episode 55 Revolutionising the Market How Second-hand Phones Can Create a Sustainable Business and Protect Our Planet
Revolutionising the Market: After buying a second-hand laptop, it lasted only three months. Lisa's idea was to create a register for second-hand products to prevent devices from going to places like India or the nearest landfill.

Revolutionising the market. Discover how second-hand phones can help protect our planet and create a profitable business.

After buying a second-hand laptop, it lasted only three months. Lisa’s idea to create a register for second-hand products to prevent devices from going to places like India or the nearest landfill has earned her the chance to compete for the Green Ally award.  

Please tune in to hear her story and join the mission to fight climate change together!


Growing up in a busy household in Northern Ireland

Her mum and dad were both working hard to provide for their family. Even though it meant they had to work long hours and do extra jobs on farms, she still managed to get by without the latest gadgets like laptops, gaming consoles, and phones.  

But over time, her friends and family began to have these things, and her mum wanted to ensure she didn’t feel left out. So, she saved and bought a second-hand PS1 console from a family friend. That’s when she got her first real taste of technology.  

But she was always aware of the need to make ends meet and use available resources.  

How Lisa became more aware of the need to make ends meet

Lisa learned the need to make ends meet while studying at school. she was always one of the most studious students in the family home and was determined to attend university. she realized that typing up essays, and coursework was a requirement, and she didn’t have a laptop.  

Not having a laptop until she was 21, she had to resort to internet cafes to access a computer. This experience motivated her to save up and buy a used one instead of a new one when she was older.

How did you get started in entrepreneurship?

Once she made it to Queen’s University Belfast, she was exposed to entrepreneurship possibilities. This opened her eyes to technology, which she had been previously excluded from due to a lack of finances to Revolutionising the Market.

She was incredibly fortunate to have her first job at OCO Global, a firm that works with entrepreneurs in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. It was a fantastic opportunity to gain first-hand exposure to entrepreneurs growing and expanding their businesses in the UK.  

Executive Chairman, Mark O’Connell, was a great mentor and a successful entrepreneur himself. His company is now one of the leading consultancy businesses in the UK and could one day rival the likes of PWC and EY. It was an incredible start to her career, and she eventually moved to London to work with other entrepreneurs looking to set up shop in London.

What is the Green Ally Award, and why should you win it?

The Green Alley Award is one of Europe’s most prestigious circular economy startup competitions. In 2014, Landbell Group initiated the Green Alley Award, one of Europe’s most prominent electronic recyclers. It recognizes innovators providing pragmatic, simple solutions to stimulate the circular economy. 

If she were to win this award, it would mean a great deal to her team in terms of exposure and credibility. With your vote, you can make sure Tazaar have the best chance of success at the award ceremony in Berlin; in front of hundreds of people, she could proudly share her vision of boosting the circular economy, particularly for products such as electronics and electrical.  

It would give her a major advantage in raising awareness of our work.

Recap: Revolutionising the Market

The Green Alley Award is a highly sought-after accolade that Lisa Stafford would love to win for her business. With Tazaar, Lisa has created a platform that boosts the circular economy for consumer electronic and electrical products. From the point of purchase to the end of life, Tazaar captures and authenticates condition, service, and ownership history securely and reliably.  

Check out Lisa’s fantastic work and see how she’s making a difference with Tazaar


Queen’s University Belfast

I did a few entrepreneurship programmes with SU Enterprise

OCO Global

London & Partners

Young Innovator Award:

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