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Episode 24 Success and Failure: Lessons from Business and Basketball

by | Jun 9, 2021 | Podcast, Business Conversations | 0 comments

Success and Failure From Business & Basketball
Success and Failure: Lessons from Business and Basketball In this episode, Michael talks to Dr Wayne Wright—entrepreneur, inventor, company director, leading business coach and owner of the largest all-inclusive basketball club – The Maidstone Warriors.

Success and Failure lessons taken from Business and Basketball

Success and Failure

In this episode, Michael talks to Dr Wayne Wright — entrepreneur, inventor, company director, leading business coach and owner of the largest all-inclusive basketball club – The Maidstone Warriors.

Listen in as they talk about all things business and basketball. Dr Wayne brings a vast and varied business experience to the conversation. His main business interests have been in the arenas of healthcare and pharmaceuticals, and he is a huge proponent of innovation and invention, with his name on eight patents. For the last twenty years, he has led [W]sq solutions, a boutique coaching organisation that supports entrepreneurs in starting, running, growing and exiting fast-growing businesses. He also works with the executive teams of larger businesses to ensure continued growth and success.


As they talked about Dr Wayne’s involvement in the basketball club, it quickly became clear that his interest in this organisation came not from playing the sport, but from observing the positive impact that sport can bring to the lives of anyone involved in it. He talks about the benefits, not just for the top-performers—the stars—but for everyone, and how that spills out into their lives outside of basketball. The success of the club is not just about creating a winning basketball team, but about creating a community, and fostering the next generation of leaders.

He brought his understanding of strategy and success, gained from his years in the corporate world, to this very different arena, and helped the club to grow far beyond its origin. He sees many parallels between what happens on the pitch and what happens at work. The club relies on a sizeable team of volunteers, and by supporting and coaching these people, the whole club thrives. In any organisation it is the leadership team who need to set the tone and if they are not sufficiently skilled, whether in their technical skills, such as ball control, or in their interpersonal skills, such as clear communication, then the whole venture is in jeopardy. But a highly skilled top team can spot potential and nurture it, they can spot potential trouble and find the strategies to avoid it. They can help turn an underperformer into a star.


Business and Failure: Dr Wayne Wright book > 10 Commandments of Business Growth
Success and Failure: Dr Wayne Wright book 10 Commandments of Business Growth

One of the most interesting questions that arose in today’s conversation was “What makes a person extraordinary, a top achiever, a winner or a champion?” Dr Wayne Wright has had years of business experience working with many highly-placed executives in global businesses, with young entrepreneurs building fast-growing successful enterprises; he’s worked with people in many different industries; with inventors and researchers; he’s been a director of many companies. His answer to this question took them down a fascinating route.

Dr Wayne opened up about some of his personal experiences to illustrate what success and failure mean to him personally. He talked about the philosophy that underpins his drive, what are the most important elements of his life, and what it means to him to leave behind a legacy. And he made a special offer to listeners of this show. If you’re serious about learning how to develop your own business, then you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity.


An insightful and informative conversation with leading business coach, entrepreneur and scientist, covering the future of business and leadership. Discussing success and failure, and what makes a person exceptional. An episode you don’t want to miss.

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