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Episode 19 Entrepreneurship is not taught in school; hear the thoughts of Michael & Simon on the M&S Monthly Podcast Show. Do they think it is a Mistake?

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Entrepreneurship & financial independence is why we do it. Secondary Schools have inconsistent standards, with regards to teach in basic financial skills. College students are not taught about how to manage their finance, despite many taken on 1,000s of pounds in student loans and credit card debt to pay for school.

Entrepreneurship is not taught in school; how can we improve the pitfall?

South Downs Way

We started in October 2020 during lockdown walking The South Downs Way, and last week, we walked stage 10 out of 12 from Housedean to Alfriston, ending at St Andrew’s Church. During the lockdown, walking and talking is truly amazing; we have found that walking and talking, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and the office is truly amazing.

Entrepreneurship - The National Trail Website
The National Trail Website

The mind needs a place to settle down; it really needs to dis-connect with the normal and give it the space to come alive with fresh, exciting, thought-provoking ideas that have a profound impact if you spark the creative side of your mind to flow.

Since starting the walk-in Winchester, some 90 miles ago, we have gone through all the challenges you face in business. If you break the walk up into three equal sections, there has clearly been the euphoria of starting the walk, the middle bit we will call the grunting phase, where you want to get it done, this is the middle part, and now as we enter the last third of the walk, we are once again feeling euphoric.

Financial Independence

Entrepreneurship & financial independence is a fascinating subject, and one we feel needs to be taught in school, arguably this is why we do business. We feel Secondary Schools have inconsistent standards with regards to teach in basic financial skills. College students are not taught how to manage their finances, despite many taking on £1,000s of pounds in student loans and credit card debt to pay for school.

The result is a younger generation, facing, financial deficits without a solid foundation for how to save, invest, and grow.

Why is entrepreneurship not taught in school? It was on the agenda as we walked through some of the most glorious countrysides the country has to offer, from the rolling hills to the winding paths, passing through some of the most picturesque little villages imaginable. Not somewhere I would like to live, but quite simply amazing for the inhabitants that have made the place home. Home is where the heart is.

Why is that?

I think it’s the art of negotiation, the art of salesmanship, the art of turning £20 into 200 pounds to make a profit. But why is it not taught in school? And why were children being taught subjects like trigonometry, which may be important right now at school? I’ve been in business for 20 years, and I don’t think I’ve ever used trigonometry in business.

No, I don’t think I’ve used trigonometry once in my life since school, and I think that’s it. You know, we’re teaching lessons in school that are only relevant to maybe 1% of the children in the schools, but they’re easy things to measure. It would seem to be very much run and based on league tables, GCSE results, with no real thought to what the world of industry and business really want from our young people.

There are too many young people coming out of education, and they’re just not employable. You know, they’ve not been taught any employable or entrepreneurial skills.

Entrepreneurship It’s like the art of negotiation, the art of presentation, presenting yourself in public, being able to communicate well, and being creative; all these elements are not wrapped up into an entrepreneurial programme.

If only I could have replaced all the history lessons with learning about business skills because I’ve learned business skills, trial and error, and the lessons have been expensive; they’ve cost me money. So I realised, Hang on a minute, I’m not very good at negotiating. So, I learned, I picked up the books, I went on a course, I started to learn the art of negotiation, and that alone has paid me back tenfold over the years.

Because when you can negotiate better, you’re making more profit. Why wasn’t I taught that a school because actually, it’s not difficult to learn. And it’s quite good fun.

Careers Advisor

Entrepreneurship, it’s fascinating. Last week, I spoke to my son, who had a careers meeting with a careers advisor at school. She took him out of the class and sat him down, and said to him, what do you want to do when you leave. He said, I want to build my own business; the first thing the careers person said was, what if that idea fails? She was trying to persuade him from going into business.

And, the sorts of questions that were being asked were, what’s your second option? How are you going to pay for your mortgage? This is the source of our own limiting belief; this kind of advice and questioning keeps the youngsters in a place that keeps them from powering forward into a career or position that they’re really looking for.

I think this is misguided. What do you think, leave a comment below, and start the conversation?

To Recap

Be grateful; when you’re on the top of the ridge, and there are quite a several ridges along the South Downs Way when you’re on the top, you get to see how steep and how big the valley is below, the valley may be where you’ve come from.

What was really interesting, on occasion we had hefty clouds and sunshine all around us. We could see the rain, but it was only raining in the valley; we even noted steam coming up off the earth.

We were on the ridge, and we stayed dry; this happened several days throughout the walk. When we’re in the valleys, the analogy and the lesson are that we can get wet; it can feel pretty grim. You know, that’s what it’s like in business.

It would help if you got on with the grunt work. And, when we’re on the ridge, we have a much better view of what is going on. We’re dry; it’s more comfortable up here. This is where you’re at your best.

When you on the ridge Your viewpoint, your view of the world, your view of your life and your business is so much better.

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