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Episode 20 Developing your own Client Portal: is the expense worth it and how does it add value to your clients?

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Client Portal: People have said that we are disrupting the Coaching Market. This means, we don't run with the pack; we do things differently and ensure our clients achieve the kind of results they never thought possible, through applying our proven methods.

Client Portal: The expense and commitment to developing your own Client Software tracking system is immense

Co-Founder Simon TeagueNew level Results

Simon Teague started his career at the tender age of 16 in NatWest bank, on a week’s work experience that lasted 26 years, and he finally escaped over the wall in 2008. During his last seven or eight years in the bank, he was doing a lot of coaching and mentoring and got quite a nice reputation for building teams, and taking teams from the bottom of the league to become top performers, and winning awards and all sorts of accolades within the organisation.

Client Portal: Next Level Results website.
Next Level Results website.

And, so he wanted to set up a business that really reflected that he was helping people with their leadership skills, coaching, mentoring, and training all around the art of being a great leader for teams.

Client Portal – The Curve

Developing a platform, a client portal, to track and plot the success of a clients plan was key. Number One objective was to have a platform that was really simple, clean, easy to use from the clients perspective. As coaches, he wasn’t too worried about whether it was a bit clunky for him and his partner or technically challenging for them; it needed to be really simple and efficient.

So, that’s how it ended up being designed and developed. It was quite challenging for them at first. The clients started to love using it. In fact, they’ve got clients now that have used the curve for years because it’s become the way they run their business.

They don’t even need Simon or Andrew anymore as their coach; they just come every year and say, Simon, can we have the platform for another year? Of course, they can.

Results from using the technology

What’s fascinating, they began seeing great results from their coaching clients, and they started to win more business than they could cope with. That’s then when they started looking in the marketplace for some really outstanding coaches who might be interested in joining them.

They found five coaches who joined them at first. And, in fact, it was at a time when they needed to put a lot of money into the investment of developing The Curve to the next level. And, so they needed a financial commitment from those coaches joining. They looked at a franchise model but decided to hold on to a licence model. That’s the basis on which the coaches came in to build their business.

Winning Business

Developing a client portal that was robust enough to take on bigger clients is key to their success. They are now branching out with their coaches the length and breadth of the UK, winning business and leveraging The Curve to track and share their clients success.

The Software has become a system the coaches have come to rely on and use every day in their business; it also compliments the experts in the field that are a license holder to use the software

Simon says, “different coaches are looking for different things from them, they have coaches in their team who don’t want anything else from apart from to run their business completely independently because they already have a really good, strong business, what they were looking for was the sustainability of their coaching business.”

And what the coaches also liked was the fact that with The Curve, they can now go into bigger organisations and can talk about their coaching culture; even if they have their own internal coaches, they might be interested in the software and purchasing the software to help them administer their coaching teams and create consistency across their organisation.

Some of the coaches who have joined them have seen that and like the idea that they could start to build a passive income and a sustainable coaching business that delivers income in their practice.

To Recap

Building your own system to create your bespoke Client Portal has been wholeheartedly worth every penny of the investment. For Co-Founders Simon & Andrew, to see their coaches thrive with the efficient easy to use “The Curve” system. Secondly, to see their coaches clients benefit from the tracking and measuring capability is amazing.

To wrap up today’s podcast, Simon would obviously love clients, prospective clients, or people thinking about having a coach to reach out to; they’re very open to having conversations with people about how they may benefit by working with them or work for them.

Also, if coaches listening to those who are thinking, I need an edge; I need something different. The marketplace is shifting; people are becoming more discerning about coaching, then it’d be great for them to reach out and visit our website, new level results.co.uk.

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