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Episode 3 Bitcoin is it an Attractive Investment?

by | Jan 11, 2021 | Podcast, Business Conversations | 0 comments

Bitcoin is it an Attractive Investment?
Founded in April 2016, we are a UK based non-profit community of interest group, specialising in crypto asset & blockchain education. Our community is made up of professionals with deep technical and business expertise as well as laypeople, with the intention to learn and help others navigate this exciting and incredibly powerful technology.

Bitcoin Investing, our guest is Fraz Mahmud, a number of years ago we met at a Stock Market Trading Seminar, called how to make money in the market and since have become trading buddies. 

We often share ideas on Winning Stocks and a range of other classes of investments including Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies. 

In today’s podcast, we are speaking about Bitcoin and the things you need to look out for when investing in the markets. Everyone needs to start somewhere, it doesn’t matter where you are on your journey in investing it only matters you start. When Michael and Fraz started out on their path, their lessons were very similar, the all too famous, round-tripping a position and losing, to buying too early and not selling quick enough. Amateur lessons indeed, what we came to realise was the need to get better and over time they got better and so can you.

Fraz will speak about how he went onto study Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies and now is a keynote speaker on bitcoin and he will tell us why he set up his own business, called Blockchainology. Blockchainology, is a UK based non-profit community of interest group, specialising in Cryptoassets & Blockchain Education, in today’s podcast we speak about where he thinks Bitcoin is going and why you should invest now. 

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