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Episode 38 Leadership in different settings

by | Sep 14, 2021 | Business Conversations, Podcast | 0 comments

Episode 38 King James Leadership in Different Settings MC Live
Leadership in different settings - In this episode, Michael is in conversation with King James, the pastor of Favour House Church. It may seem that he is an unusual choice of guest for a business podcast, but if you listen in you’ll find out why his message is relevant to leaders in all walks of life.

In this episode, Michael is in conversation with King James, the pastor of Favour House Church. It may seem that he is an unusual choice of guest for a business podcast, but if you listen in you’ll find out why his message is relevant to leaders in all walks of life.


Knowing your purpose

Whether you are running a business or leading a charitable or voluntary organization, leadership is still important, and there is much that can be learnt from one environment and transferred to another. Especially, during recent times, when passionate, empathic leaders have been desperately needed.

 King James talks about his purpose. And in business, we all need a purpose. We need to know why we do what we do, in order to keep moving constantly in the right direction. King James’ purpose is very clear. He believes passionately in what he is doing, and the reason for it. This clarity of vision not only drives him but enables him to lead his congregation. They can get behind him and support him because they completely understand what he is striving for. Often in business, especially in the early years, we can get so bogged down in working IN our business, that we lose sight of our purpose.

And that means it’s hard for our network to support us. Because we’re not communicating clearly with them.

He goes on to talk about how he uses all the tools and skills available to follow his purpose. King James believes passionately that it doesn’t matter if you start small if you start with nothing. If you have a vision and are prepared to work hard, you can achieve what you are called to do. In his case, unsurprisingly, he is called to spread the word of God.

His calling is to grow the awareness and love of Jesus Christ. But that won’t happen by sitting back and wishing for it, any more than an entrepreneur can grow a business just by dreaming about it.

When asked about his leadership style, King James is very clear. He doesn’t put himself above others. He uses the style known as servant leadership, prepared to give his own time, his own skills and knowledge to not only grow his congregation but to care for them, to enable them to do their best work too. And this idea of enabling others to do their best work can be applied equally to running a commercial enterprise as it is to the voluntary sector.

Feedback and adaptability

Another quality that he values is flexibility or adaptability. He talks about how important this is, especially in recent times when so much has needed to change to cope with the pandemic, but also in more general terms, too. Being able to think creatively, to approach old problems with new solutions is a hallmark of a successful leader, in any sphere of life.

Once more, King James illustrates how knowing your purpose, always working towards it, enables change. It enables you to find ways to achieve your mission in spite of obstacles that might occur. In the case of the church, it meant they had to find new ways to serve their community when in-person contact was no longer possible.

He makes the point that organisations – whether businesses, churches or any other type – need to be able to adapt, or they risk becoming extinct. And that may not just be about changing the way the organisation works. It may require you to change something about your own way of working. He talks about the importance of being open to feedback—even things that could be seen as negative. If they’re true, and people are seeing this negative behaviour in you, then you can change your behaviour to become more effective in following your purpose. It’s not just about changing to please people, but really understanding what might be getting in your own way.

To Recap: Leadership in different settings

And this is part of leadership too. The ability to accept feedback, to evaluate it openly, and to change what needs to be changed in order to follow the path you’ve set yourself.

Having a clear purpose will guide you in all of these actions.

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