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Episode 21 Business Recovery Plan – The Hopeful Journey out of Covid 19 Pandemic

by | May 18, 2021 | Business Conversations, Podcast | 0 comments

Episode 21 Business Recovery Plan
Business Recovery Plan: Life Insights is a weekly video podcast, designed to encourage, inspire and equip people with the understanding that helps people live a fulfilled life.

Business Recovery Plan as we emerge from the Pandemic, hear from business leaders share their first-hand thoughts and experience

How has your business Suffered during the pandemic?

Michael Crane shares his story by stating that the pandemic hit his business seven years prior. He employed 45 staff across two sites, one in South East London and the other site in Sandwich, Kent. He was operating a 24-hour operation with vans circling London and the home counties daily.

At that time, he made many changes in the day to day operation and streamlined his operations. He outsourced his warehousing and logistics operations and adopted an e-commerce portal that does heavy back-office functions.

Fortunately for him, he preserved cash, ready for all emergency situations.

He advises on today’s show about the importance of reducing overheads and preserving cash. His business was dramatically affected as the work from home rules meant many of his clients needed to work from home, and the everyday products were not in as much need as before.

His product portfolio had to be spun on its head as he started stocking certified PPE products for next day availability to his clients across the United Kingdom. The technology took over to make his business www.easycrane.co.uk highly efficient and effective. The key to his success in the past year was to keep his costs low and, if possible, make them variable as much as you possibly can. Running out of cash adds to the struggle every business faces when they run out of cash.

Dr Wayne Wright – Stopped charging

The business Recovery Plan for Dr Wayne Wright was to stop charging his clients overnight, which was a remarkable solution but one that was so needed to help his clients. Across the country, we saw companies revenue stream seizing up as the country went into lockdown and people were being forced to work from home.

Now he has re-engaged, and he is finding he has got more clients than he ever had before. And his reputation for genuinely and authentically supporting people during challenging times. Because the concept of managing his, clients businesses, to the next your next level and assisting them to scale up during good and bad time is paramount.

He has now emerged from the pandemic and found a way to pivot his business is catapulting his business from just surviving to thrive as he continues to grow from strength to strength.

Our Productivity has increased

We’ve seen some major cultural shift in how we do business; the first aspect is how we handle cash. The main way we transact now is through debit cards and mobile payment apps on our smartphones. Industry-leading experts are stating that the pandemic has brought forward payment processing by three years or more.

The other aspect, which is quite a burden on the global climate environmental issue and now we see, reduces our dependency on travelling as much. The global travel market has seen a dramatic reduction since the start of the pandemic. Global travel specialists are announcing the global business travelling market will never regain pre-pandemic figures stating the ongoing levels will be 10% lower than before.

Travel within the United Kingdom has also seen a dramatic decline; we think the new norm in business will be virtual meetings using Microsoft Teams and Zoom. The new age of Microsoft Teams & Zoom has allowed people to meet across boundaries a lot easier. When before would you have been able to meet in Glasgow, and then have a meeting with somebody in Manchester and one in Portsmouth, and then one in London.

Managing People from Afar

Business Recovery Plan will consist of managing more of the team remotely than ever before. Michael Crane has suggested some of his favourite productivity hacks, like Asana, Trello and Evernote, to name just a few. These tools are easy to set up and administer and encourages collaboration between key stakeholders in the business.

To Recap

King James, the host of Today Show, is a Pastor at Favour House Church; the Road map to Business Recovery plan has been an insightful look into the minds and hearts of true leaders and entrepreneurs as the United Kingdom navigates itself out of the Lockdown.

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