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Episode 26 Cybersecurity in a world of risk

by | Jun 22, 2021 | Business Conversations, Podcast | 0 comments

Cybersecurity In A World Of Risk
Cybersecurity: On today’s show, Michael talks with special guest Brian Altimus. Their main topic of conversation is something that affects all of us. It affects our businesses, no matter what size they are, and it affects us as individuals too.

Cybersecurity, data and Regulations


Cybersecurity in a world of risk

On today’s show, Michael talks with special guest Brian Altimus. Their main topic of conversation is something that affects all of us. It affects our businesses, no matter what size they are, and it affects us as individuals.

Brian worked for seventeen years for KPMG in the tech risk and Cybersecurity side of the business. Then seven years ago, he left to set up his own consultancy. So he has a huge amount of knowledge and experience in this area and understands exactly what it means for businesses of all sizes. He has a thorough understanding of all the risks and also the mitigating actions that businesses can take.

Of course, he’s not just a cybersecurity consultant. He’s also a businessman. He runs his own consultancy, Riverside Court Consulting. So he has the first-hand experience of setting up and running a small business. He shares with Michael some of the advantages and pitfalls he has experienced on that journey. It provides him with the expertise he acquired while working for one of the world’s largest consultancy firms and a real practical insight into the realities of starting and building a business from the ground up.

Complying with regulation

We all need to comply with data security regulations, the best-known one probably being GDPR, but businesses of all sizes can struggle with this. From understanding exactly what the regulations are to knowing how to comply with them. Even really large businesses can think their systems are more secure than they are. For example, we’ve heard several reports of companies experiencing breaches of customer data.

We may think our system and processes are secure, but do they comply with what the Information Commissioner demands? Brian has some great tips to share on this. You may be, quite innocently, breaching the requirements.

Our own personal data

And there’s more to it than that. As business owners, we need to know that we are doing everything possible to keep our data secure. As individuals, we have to play our own part in keeping our data secure. Again, Brian shares with us some brilliant tips to help us to stay secure. I’m sure we all know someone whose email or social media has been hacked. Someone who has been scammed and lost money. Maybe, unfortunately, it was you. So, we all need to be aware to be on guard against various forms of cyber risk. Listen in to hear useful advice and recommendations from an expert.

Brian explains some of what is involved in data security and protection against all forms of cyber risk; he talks about the types of vulnerabilities that you or your business may be exposed to. He talks about protecting your email, passwords, social media, online shopping, and banking from scammers and hackers. Finally, he talks about the sensitive data in your organisation and how to share it safely with your colleagues—which is essential for work purposes.

A Special Offer

Cybersecurity Brian Altimus

Bryan Altemis

Cybersecurity and Data Protection


As a consultant, he works with businesses of all sizes, advising them on how to comply with regulations and how to go beyond the mere formality and ensure the business itself is protected. And if you’re not sure how secure your business is, he has made a special offer, just for listeners to this show. Of course, you’ll have to tune it to hear what it is and how to access it.

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