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Episode 17 Camden High Street London A Vibrant New Look Lighting Up local Artists

by | Apr 20, 2021 | Podcast, Business Conversations | 0 comments

Camden Open Air Gallery is a novel community art project leading Camden High Street London out of lockdown. Camden High Street London: COAG is inviting artists to create and install their work all over Camden. The open spaces of Camden are being turned into a 24hr art gallery with murals on shop shutters, walls and wooden installations.

You will See More Hear More on the Podcast Today with Finn Brewster Doherty

Camden Open Air Gallery

Camden High Street London – Camden Open-Air Gallery, the founder, and creator, a young entrepreneur born and bred in Camden and is now back from his time on the south coast to build his dream of creating something unique that many others can benefit from.

His passion is to bring Camden back to life after bearing a significant hit to visitor numbers during the Covid pandemic.

Camden a Mysterious Mistress

CAMDEN is a mysterious mistress, attracting visitors from all around the world who come and see the punks, however, it started out as a docklands and is turning into a vibrant community inspired by Finn.

He thinks it has great, Instagram value, in his opinion, he thinks there are THREE things that put Camden on the map:

  1. Punks
  2. Tourists
  3. Amy Winehouse

Not only, but there is also the canal walk to Camden High Street from King Cross, a place that has seen a huge development in recent years and now has been transformed linking the two places together. 

The shops of Camden are trying to reinvent themselves and this is one of the ways Finn’s open Air gallery is adding spice and the inspiration needed to change the outcome of so many local businesses.

Camden Is a Mysterious Mistress

The High Street

On today’s podcast, we speak about shop owners who are re-engineering the products they are offering, Finn speaks about the shop he lives above, and this shop is changing the products sold to Dr Martens. A brand synonymous with Camden, with the hope it will bring local community purchases to the shops.

We speak about the challenges of setting up the Camden Open Air Gallery, and Finn tells me there were challenges around the legalities and getting his first shutter. Which was a very interesting phase of the start-up business. From an age perspective, he is a 22-year-old young entrepreneur, asking a shop owner if it was agreeable to place graffiti onto the shutter of his shop. But, what he found was, once the FIRST landlord agreed to have their shutter painted, other landlords loved the idea and came forward to be a part of the Camden Open Air gallery.

You will learn how he expects to monetise the gallery concept and the idea of drop shipping prints instead of holding stock of the prints before his customers buy the artwork.  

However, one of the challenges he faces is creating a fair share of the profits between landlords and shop owners and artists and naturally the Camden Open Air Gallery.  

Dreams are to assist the best artists to become even more famous and globally known for their creations and help turn global visitors to raving fans of Camden that bring tourists back in their 1,000’s, just like Pre-Covid times.

Inspiration is to build a platform for young artists to express themselves in their art to the local community and build a community of supporters from the local area, including the council, bars and venues local business owners to make Camden a cool place to hang out.


Camden Open Air Gallery is all about the “community”. He wants to inspire and engage with his community and build stronger relationships across all elements of society.

When Michael asked, “what other challenges have you had since launching”, Finn remarks ” it has gone too swimmingly”. 

Check out: The Rolling Collection of THIRTY UNIQUE pieces of art across the borough to sell and provide much-needed support to local projects.

A great help to Finn while setting up needs a shout out to Billy from https://vipgraffitipaint.co.uk/ your help has been greatly appreciated and thank you for the inspiration you give to the youth #streetart.

You’ll want to listen towards the end of the podcast to hear Finn’s social media strategy and post routine and hear how passionate he is about his business, you can hear the hunger in his voice – Go, Finn! LIGHT IT UP!

Finn has a plan to launch officially in July and shut down Camden High Street for the evening, plans are afoot for the Camden Open Air Gallery.

To hear more go to  www.camdenopenairgallery.com

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To Recap

Finn Doherty-Brewster The Young Entrepreneur has set his sights on creating a a place where local London talent can showpiece their art in a unique way. To brighten up Camden High Street and bring back the tourists in the 1,000’s in what has been a difficult and testing time for the whole community. He is passionate about showcasing local artists and you can hear more and see more at www.CamdenOpenAirGallery.com

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