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Episode 14 Project One to a Million with the amazing stars of the show Finn & Mattia

by | Mar 29, 2021 | Podcast, One to a million | 0 comments

Project One To A Million With Amazing Stars Of The Show Finn & Mattia
One to a Million, the project:  Some time ago when I was at school at the tender age of 10 years of age. It was remarkable to know where I wanted to go in life and how I was going to get there.

The Project One to a Million

The project, One to a Million.  Some time ago when I was at school at the tender age of 10 years of age. It was remarkable to know where I wanted to go in life and how I was going to get there.

There was a problem, and not surprisingly, the why was huge, the how was the bit of the road map that was missing.

So, what do you do in this situation? Everyone needs a mentor and coach, unfortunately not everyone gets one when they need it most. And, by the way, to me then, a coach was a vehicle that took me and a group of people from point A and dropped us off at point B.

I didn’t know how to achieve my goals.

I needed help constructing my roadmap, the roadmap was not there and therefore there was no clear way forward.

Today, let me introduce you to the stars of the project, one, to a million. Finn (age 14, my son) and his friend Mattia (age 15).

They first met two years ago, at the Pauline Quirke Academy drama school. And since then, they’ve become good buddies and friends. About three months ago, as I drove Mattia home after a day at my house, spending time with his mate Finn.

He told me about a recent trip to Italy. He said to me these words. While I was in Italy on vacation with my mum. We were looking for houses to buy. Very similar to my start out at school. I had a goal. I had a big reason why, but I didn’t know the path to take. And like so many people time just passes you by.

I wanted to help. by changing their outcome and be their business mentor just like the mentor I didn’t have the same age.

The journey has started and we are planning to document their story in this podcast to be broadcast monthly.

Their journey is going to be finding a way to get ahead and build the skills and knowledge and talent to become more educated that is going to stay with them forever and explore different avenues as they navigate life.

Welcome to the project, One to a Million.

Here is an outline of the project:

In the year 2021, Finn is 14 Mattia is 15, by the time they both reach 20, they will have a business, turning over £1 million pounds in revenue per annum. It is not going to be just about the money target, money without the right intelligence is worthless and therefore we will be homing in on the skills and education of building a highly profitable, highly successful business.

On top of this, we will be developing skills such as negotiation, financial management,  salesmanship, communication, teamwork, and many others, all the lessons that young adults need in life. These are lessons not normally taught in school.

The plan is to build a team of six. The power of six, from this team, a leader will shine, as will a financial person, as will a great communicator which is going to be all essential skills linked to business and aligning their individual skills to work collaboratively together as a team.

it’s about gaining the skill set, gaining the knowledge, gaining the education. And the last thing that actually comes is wealth. I think at the age of 20, the wealth and the education will set them up with a strong foundation to build another business, and live a life that everybody desires, free from their daily commute, free from the need to work for someone, and the opportunity to work for yourself.

I’ve given them no promises, all I’ve said is we need to start planning for the right actions to achieve our goals, one day at a time.

Today is the very first broadcast of project one to a million we hope you like what you hear.

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Thank you for listening. Let’s get into the show.

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