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Episode 11 International Women’s Day Are Leaders Born or Can They Be Taught With A Bright Mentor

by | Mar 8, 2021 | Podcast, Business Conversations | 0 comments

International Women's Day Meera Das
International Women's Day and leadership go hand and hand together. You hear the question so often, "Are Leaders Born or are they Bred?" what are your thoughts? Hear Meera Das's thought-provoking story on today's show on what she thinks makes a good leader.

International Women’s Day

Leadership go hand and hand together. You hear the question so often, “Are Leaders Born or are they Bred?” what are your thoughts? Hear Meera Das’s thought-provoking story on today’s show on what she thinks makes a good leader.

Meera quotes “with a fantastic mentor & coach by your side, leadership can be taught”. To read more on the subject of going from good to great, you can read the article by Jim Collins.

Leadership comes in many forms, it can be in the form of leading a team or even a project to gain a company or personal objective to gain a great outcome. Invariably, when people think of being a great leader, people mainly think about this in terms of leading people and not processes.

Her elder siblings inspired her enough to strive forward and make the change, so needed. She led at school and on the sports ground, although she looked up to her siblings, and remembers her time fondly, as they were always paving the way for her to be better, stronger, and more resilient.

Being able to stand up in front of an audience and present is all part of the challenge to lead herself, or the ability to lead a team and succeed, she speaks about the memory muscle, it is like a trained inert muscle that you need to work it to make it stronger.

She refers to the current Global Pandemic has been a challenge, for all leaders. However, she puts absolute trust in the people she leads to get the job done, her arm-around-the-shoulder style of leadership reassures the team that they are not alone and they’re working in a team to collaboratively move the project onto completion.

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